Renew & Reconnect

We are wired for connection.


You and your partner love each other, so why do you feel a million miles apart? Have you found yourself feeling disconnected? Has this disconnection led to feeling lonely? Has the loneliness led to further disconnection?

This is a downward spiral, or a negative cycle, that can be broken.

Life gets in the way! Work is busy, kids are hectic, carpools and PTAs and demanding bosses and deadlines, yard work and sports tournaments and swim lessons and making dinners and paying bills and grocery shopping, laundry and puppies and vacation planning and overdue credit card bills, and aging parents, in-law disputes, church commitments, birthday parties and weddings, baby showers, work trips, sick children… the list goes on.

Transitions happen! Economies tank, jobs change and evolve, children are born, loved ones pass away, chronic illness sets-in, toddlers turn into teens, midlife struggles become realities, children grow up and leave empty nests, addictions endured… the transitions are endless!

How are couples supposed to stay connected in a world that is causing so many distractions that leave the relationship competing for time and attention?

Research is clear on the areas of relationships that need to be strong in order for the relationship to thrive!

Using Gottman Method Couples Therapy, a science-based relationship therapy, we will work to strengthen the areas we know, from research, are necessary for a strong and healthy connection. We also know the importance of a secure attachment within a relationship to create emotional connection.

Let’s get to work rebuilding a loving and emotionally connected relationship that is fulfilling to you both. A relationship that allows you both to be heard and respected and feel hopeful about the future!

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known.

Brené Brown


Talk to one another every day for 20 minutes

Reconnect at the end of the day with a six-second kiss

Take a short walk together

Exerience new adventures

Let's Connect

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