Gain clarity and confidence about a direction for your marriage.

Couples counseling is not indicated for every couple!

Sometimes, one partner is firmly committed to saving the marriage while the other partner is not sure they want to be in the marriage anymore. Couples counseling can push this partner further “out”.

Discernment counseling is a time-limited process – maximum of five sessions – designed to help both partners gain confidence and clarity in the direction they want their relationship to move.

There are three outcomes at the end of the discernment counseling process: continue with the marriage as it has been, sepration/divorce, or a six-month reconciliation period in couples therapy with divorce off the table.

This process helps couples who are ambivilent about divorce and/or couples counseling.

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Discernment is the ability to see things as they are rather than how you want them to be.


A lot of the work in discernment counseling is spent helping each individual gain clarity, manage emotions and learn personal contributions made to the relationship – both positive and negative.

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