Therapy For The Betrayed Partner

When you are the betrayed partner

The betrayal and ensuing trauma of finding out that a partner has been unfaithful in an emotional and/or physical affair is devastating. Intense emotions and recurrent crises are the norm after the discovery of an infidelity.

Oftentimes, the person who has discovered the affair is experiencing PTSD-like symptoms that need to be honored and attended to before the couple work can begin, or in conjunction with couple therapy.

You may not know if you want to work through the devastation of the affair and repair and renew your marriage. That’s ok. It can be helpful to process those thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-judgmental space before making any decisions. You may want to begin the process of repairing your relationship but first need to process your anxiety, grief and anger while learning strategies to manage these feelings as you work toward your relationship goals. We can do that.

I also work in conjuction with other couple counselors to support the needs of the relationship.

Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.


Healing is possible

Infidelity is a deep wound, to both relationships and individuals.

But, like a medical wound, with regular care, attention and cleaning, wounds heal.

You can, too.

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