Therapy For The Betrayer

When you are the partner who betrayed

It is common for the partner who participated in an infidelity to feel intense feelings of shame and guilt.

The act of infidelity can also create feelings of confusion and personal crisis. Oftentimes, these feelings are left unshared due to the need to focus on helping the betrayed partner heal. These feelings are important and should be honored and attended to before and/or during the couples counseling.

Working to understand how the affair developed, what the affair meant and what role it served are important questions to be considered. Sometimes, emotional attachment develops with the affair partner and the feelings of loss are difficult to share and process and kept mostly to one’s self.

All of these feelings can create more confusion and guilt. Occasionally, ambivalence and confusion develop about desire to work on healing and committing to primary relationship. The goals can be unclear.

You are welcome here. Together, we can process how to move through your own emotional experience and help you arrive in your chosen relationship as the best version of yourself.

If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.

Brené Brown

Healing is possible

Infidelity is a deep wound, to both relationships and individuals.

But, like a medical wound, with regular care, attention and cleaning, wounds heal.

You can, too.

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