Therapy For Couples

Using the structured, goal-oriented, science-based Gottman Method Couple Therapy along with the research-based, attachment-enhancing Emotionally Focused Therapy, each member of the couple can expect to be supported in a non-judgmental space while working toward relationship goals. Research and science-based therapies are key to successful couple therapy.

Because no two couples are the same, a thorough assessment is done to identify strengths and growth-areas within the relationship and a personalized treatment plan is developed to support the relationship goals.

Therapy services include Couple Communication, Renew and Reconnect, Infidelity Repair and Relationship CPR. Discernment Counseling is also offered for divorce ambivalent couples when couples counseling may be premature.

Effective Communication

Using the science-based Gottman Method Couples Therapy, we can decrease negative interactions and increase positive communication and healthy conflict-management.

We will work in-session to transform criticism and defensiveness, loneliness and disconnection into openness and intimacy and reestablish a strong and healthy connection.


You and your partner love each other, so why do you feel a million miles apart? Have you found yourself feeling disconnected? Has this disconnection led to feeling lonely? Has the loneliness led to further disconnection?

Let’s get to work rebuilding a loving and emotionally connected relationship that is fulfilling to you both. A relationship that allows you both to be heard and respected and feel hopeful about the future!


Sometimes, relationship struggles are so big or the neglect has happened for so long, that a 90-minute couple session once a week seems unsuitable for the needs of the couple. Perhaps you are out-of-town, or work out-of-town, so the ability to attend sessions regularly is difficult. Maybe an intensive therapy experience is the jump-start your relationship needs to accelerate the momentum towards the ultimate relationship goals.

Relationship CPR works to give life back to your relationship quickly. This is a marathon day of therapy.


The betrayal and ensuing trauma of finding out that a partner has been unfaithful in an emotional and/or physical affair is devastating.

Oftentimes, the person who has discovered the affair is experiencing PTSD-like symptoms that need to be honored and attended to before the couple work can begin.


Sometimes, one partner is firmly committed to saving the marriage while the other partner is not sure they want to be in the marriage anymore. Couples counseling can put this partner further “out”.

Discernment counseling is a time-limited process – maximum of five sessions – designed to help both partners gain confidence and clarity in the direction they want their relationship to move.

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