Relationship CPR

Do you and your partner love each other and want your relationship to work?

Are you feeling like you are both hanging on by a thread?

Are you worried that the struggles are so big or the neglect has gone on for so long, the situation seems hopeless?

Are you feeling desperate for change?

Sometimes, relationship struggles are so big or the neglect has happened for so long, that a 90-minute couple session once a week seems unsuitable for the needs of the couple. Perhaps you are out-of-town, or work out-of-town, so the ability to attend sessions regularly is difficult. Maybe an intensive therapy experience is the jump-start your relationship needs to accelerate the momentum towards the ultimate relationship goals.

Relationship CPR works to give life back to your relationship quickly. This is a marathon day of therapy. It is hard work.

If you are local, each partner will meet with the therapist for an individual meeting and assessment. If long-distance, a Skype session will be scheduled to ensure suitability of this intensive therapy.

We will use this time to assess therapist/client suitability. We will also work to identify issues and concerns from each individual’s perspective and do a thorough review of past relationship issues both within the family and other love relationships.

Before we meet, each partner will:

  • Complete the on-line Gottman Relationship Checkup Assessment.
  • Complete an Attachment-Style assessment
  • Areas we will focus on during the one-day intensive:
  • Create goals for the therapy session and for the relationship
  • Review Relationship Checkup information—highlight strengths, review growth areas
  • Practice self-soothing, learn strategies for managing physiologic arousal
  • Identify a gridlocked, perpetual issue and track the argument that occurs with this issue
  • Learn and practice strategies to de-escalate conflict
  • Begin a new conversation using strategies learned in real-time
  • Collaborate on “what’s next”
  • Take home a collection of strategies and exercises to practice

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what matters.

Research indicates that the average time a couple waits before seeking counseling is six years!

Don’t wait another minute.


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