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You deserve to live a happier and healthier life.

Duct tape cannot fix everything

I work with men who are successful but still aren’t happy, men who want to be in relationships, but sabotage themselves and men who are in mid-life struggle and want to discover their best-self. Most of those I work with have never been to therapy before. Some are “mandated clients,” meaning their wife or significant other has insisted they seek therapy to “change”, or learn to be more emotional, or to “fix” themselves. Others are questioning if their needs have ever been met in their relationship- or if they even know what those needs are. Some find that the achievement and success milestones are met but happiness is still elusive. Still others are struggling with the idea of their legacy—feeling responsibility to be a better man. Through the understanding of the psychology of men and masculinity, with a systemic understanding of relationships and a bio-psycho-social understanding of development, we will work toward creating a happier and healthier life for you.
You are the hero of your own story.
Joseph Campbell

The bottle-it-up approach isn’t working

Middle-aged, white men are a higher risk of suicide than any other demographic. Your mental health is equally as important as your physical health. Not addressing negative feelings can carry over to all aspects of your life and have a profound impact on you and your loved ones.

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